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Brunch'n Around

Brunch'n Around

Posted by Ashley on Jun 19th 2019

Let’s be real...there is NOTHING better than starting your day with yummy food and bottomless drinks. Brunching has become the trendiest way to do breakfast, and I have been bit by the brunching bug hard! There is something about the combination of food, friends, and frequently refilled glasses that makes me so happy. And let’s not forget the Insta-worthy pic you snap that gets all your followers wishing they were there with you. Here are some of my fave places and spaces that I frequent when I wanna get my brunch on!

The Clover and the Bee

The Clover and the Bee

The Clover and the Bee is an Italian-inspired eatery that focuses on preparing top-notch plates with quality ingredients. And oh my goodness, they do not disappoint! Both the menu and atmosphere are total brunch spot goals! When you try out a new food spot, it can be overwhelming to look at the menu--at least it is for me because I’m the most indecisive person ever--but not here. The feel is so welcoming and their menu is unique without being too crazy. I LOVE THIS, because when I go out to eat, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, because I'm obvi gonna gram. And second of all, I need a menu that's not going to intimidate me. There's always those restaurants where you can't even pronounce the item and ordering is like a game of Russian roulette. I’ve definitely ordered before and had zero idea of what they were going to bring back out. Thankfully that's not the way it is at The Clover and the Bee. Some of my favorite menu items include: the Pearl Sugar Waffle, Breakfast in Italy, and the mimosa bar (obvi)! And let me tell you, once your plate hits the table, your camera is coming out and the insta post is going up! Which is what we all live for, let's not kid anyone. If you haven't done that awkward “I’m nonchalantly trying to take a picture of my food, but I'm going to take it from the most extra angles ever” move, you will at The Clover and the Bee. Follow them @clover_stl.

Breakfast in Italy

French Toast Plates

The Rooster

I'm not even going to lie, my mouth is actually watering thinking about The Rooster. This is a prime brunch spot, and one of my top picks. This urban + euro styled spot specializes in crepes and brunch fare. The best part is they serve the brunch menu all day long, which makes my heart so happy. As a kid I was always begging for breakfast for dinner and still am a firm believer that breakfast is acceptable at all times of the day. It's the best, end of story; especially when you can throw a Bloody Mary into the mix! I mean come on, you just can't go wrong here! They have a wide variety of plates for both the sweet and savory. They even have a specialty brunch menu over the weekends that gives you even more to choose from. I definitely have more of a sweet tooth and go crazy for their crepes or french toast plates! Fluffy, thin pancakes with nutella...say no more. If you're into drinking your calories (me), their drink list is pretty pristine. With lots of fun options from bubbles, bloodies, and other spirits you're sure to find your perfect match! Most of all, I love that this spot has vegan and gluten free options! It can be so hard to find yummy plates when you have diet restrictions, and luckily that is not an issue here. Try something new or get your favorite classic plate at this spot soon and learn what all the buzz is about! Check them out @roosterstl.

Egg Crepes

Cafe Osage

Cafe Osage

If you are in the mood for an all-day brunch extravaganza then Cafe Osage at Bowood Farms needs to be your next stop. This cafe is a getaway that will transport you into your wildest brunch dream! Tucked away under the trees at Bowood you can explore a fresh menu with beautiful surroundings. Featuring ingredients from their own garden, Cafe Osage’s menu is classic with a modern twist. Their rooftop garden grows herbs, fruits and edible flowers for their signature garnishes and house made herbal sodas and cocktails. Which by the way, can we say YUM?! Aside from their drinks, their menu has lots of options from sourdough pancakes to poached eggs. My favorite would have to be the sweet potato rosti! For those of you who don't know what that is apple, scrambled eggs and tomato jam. And if that sounds out of your comfort zone, don't knock it ‘til you try it, because it really is the JAM! Along with this dreamy cafe, Bowood Farms has a studio where they regularly hold classes, which I love! Because there is nothing I love more than a good brunch and an opportunity to get my craft on! Except for shopping, that is always in the mix! And even then, Bowood has me covered! They have an adorable little shop where you can get home decor, create your own faux florals, and more! All in all, Cafe Osage at Bowood is the perfect spot if you feel like getting away for the day with your girls. You're bound to try something new, get adorable pics, and maybe even leave with something you made! Follow them @cafeosage.

Cafe Osage Bowood Farms

Prasino St Charles


My go-to one-stop spot has got to be Prasino at the Streets of St.Charles! This location is everything I need in my life in one spot. The Streets offer all my faves from: shopping, spa services, a cinema, and most importantly, amazing restaurants such as Prasino! It's hard not to start my day off with brunch at Prasino everyday! Their menu is the best, hands down! I've always had more of a sweet tooth and gravitated towards cakes, crepes, and toasts; but Prasino's menu has turned my world upside down! My new must have menu item is their Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. I mean anything in hollandaise is going to be amazing! Not only is their menu mouth watering, but they have prime patio seating (great for people watching if you’re into that like me)! After you’re done with brunch, you and your friends can spend the whole day at the Streets! Do some shopping, catch a movie, and then make it back to Prasino in time for happy hour! Follow them @prasino_stc.

Prasinos Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

So take a seat ladies, pour your (bottomless) mimosas, and get your camera ready- because BRUNCH is in session!


- Ashley