Recruitment Ready with MOD: Stand Out And Shine During Rush Week!

Recruitment Ready with MOD: Stand Out And Shine During Rush Week!

Are you gearing up for an exciting rush week? Whether you're participating in recruitment online or in person, showcasing your personal style can be a fantastic way to make a memorable impression. At MOD ON TREND, we understand the importance of expressing your individuality through fashion. We have all sorts of unique boutique dresses, trendy shorts, shirts, and accessories. The perfect time for you to feel cute, confident, and ready to conquer each round of the recruitment process!

Open House - Round 1: Making a Memorable First Impression

Stylish Selections for Open House

During the Open House round, you'll have the opportunity to explore various sororities on your campus. First impressions are highly important, so you have to feel comfortable and confident throughout the long days. Pairing trendy skirts or boutique shorts with a basic Nikibiki top or a cute bodysuit can create a stylish ensemble. As a standout option, our "Looks Good On You Bow Skort" offers a vibrant pop of color and a classic bow detail, adding a touch of personality to your look.

 Looks Good On You Bow Skort

Looks Good On You Bow Skort ($57.99)


Philanthropy - Round 2: Showcasing Your Casual Charm

Gracefully Chic Attire for Philanthropy

For the Philanthropy round, comfort and casual elegance are the core. You'll learn about the various charities supported by the sororities, and it's important to accessorize and wear bottoms that highlight your unique style. Whether you prefer pants, shorts, or a skirt, selecting pieces that complement the colors of your outfit is a great move. Our So Little Time Gingham Pants, with their timeless black and white pattern, can match any color shirt you're given or decide on.

So Little Time Gingham Pants

So Little Time Gingham Pants ($65.99)


Sisterhood - Round 3: Embracing Elegance and Individuality

Celebrate Sisterhood with Fashionable Flair

By the Sisterhood round, you're becoming more familiar and comfortable with the sororities you're visiting. They've invited you back because they genuinely like you, so stay true to yourself and rock your personal style. Our Let's Celebrate Ruffle Dress in a stunning lavender shade is a fantastic option to bring a touch of pizzazz to your look with its elegant ruffles and beautiful color. If you prefer rompers, check out our Second Chances Print Romper for a chic alternative. Complete your outfit with boutique heels to elevate your style while ensuring all-day comfort.

Let's Celebrate Ruffle Dress ($69.99)


Preference Round - Round 4: Making a Lasting Impression

Make a Statement with Your Preference Round Outfit

Congratulations, you've reached the final day—The preference round, where you get to talk to your top two sororities before finalizing your choices. It's time to bring your A-game with a cute boutique dress that exudes confidence. This is the dressiest round, so get ready to embrace your desired style—whether it's a classic black dress, elegant satin, or a trendy jumpsuit. Accessorize your look with boutique heels and delightful jewelry to add the perfect finishing touches. Take a deep breath, wear a smile, and most importantly, have fun!

Let's Celebrate Ruffle Dress ($69.99)


Shop Recruitment Looks Today!

Stay informed about your school's specific guidelines for each day of recruitment. Some schools may provide shirts, while others may not. In some cases, they might even offer photo examples of past outfits for reference. Be well-prepared and you’ll shine bright no matter what. If you need any help, visit our Recruitment Ready featured shop on our website. Feel free to visit one of our stores should you need personal styling assistance. Don’t forget to contact us for any questions. Good luck, MOD babes!

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