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It’s time to start preparing for rush week! Regardless of if you’re going through recruitment online or in-person, a great way to stand out and show a little bit more of you is through your style. Your ‘fits can give a special look into who you are. We have unique boutique dresses and trendy boutique shorts, shirts and accessories ready to go for each round that will help you feel cute, confident, and ready to take on rush week!
Open House - Round 1
Model wearing a pink skort with a big bow detail.
The first round means first impressions! You’ll get a glimpse into every sorority on your campus during Open House round so the days can be long and you’ll want to remain comfortable. Trendy skirts and boutique shorts are perfect paired with a basic Nikibiki or a cute bodysuit. This skort is another great option to show off some of your personality with the pop of color and a classic bow detail!
Philanthropy - Round 2
Model wearing black and white gingham slacks.

For Philanthropy round you typically still want to stay comfortable and on the casual side. You’ll learn all about the charities that the sororities support. At some schools you’ll be given a shirt to wear, so it’s important to accessorize and wear cute bottoms that highlight your individuality. Pick pants, shorts or a skirt that matches the colors in the rest of your outfit. These black and white gingham pants will definitely go with whatever color shirt you’re given or decide on!

Sisterhood - Round 3

Model wearing a lilac dress with ruffle neckline.

Let's Celebrate Ruffle Dress ($69.99)

Now is the time to get a little bit ~fancier~! By Sisterhood round you’re more familiar and comfortable with the houses you’re visiting, and they’ve invited you back because they like YOU! So, continue to be yourself and rock your style. This unique boutique lavender dress is a great option to bring a bit of pizzazz to your look with the ruffles and beautiful color. If boutique rompers are more your thing, check out our Second Chances Print Romper! Add a pair of boutique heels to dress it up and ensure you’re still staying comfortable all day long.

Preference Round - Round 4

Model wearing a green, satin halter dress.

Stop and Stare Halter Dress ($64.99)

You’ve made it! For your final day, Preference round, you get to talk to your top  two sororities before finalizing your choices. You’ll want a cute boutique dress that gives you confidence to make it through the final stretch of recruitment. This is definitely the dressiest round, so get excited to wear your nicest look if that’s what your heart desires! Again, stick to what YOU love…go for classic with a black dress, elegance with satin, or individuality with a jumpsuit. Completely accessorize your look with boutique heels and cute jewelry. Take a deep breath, smile and have fun!


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Remember, each school is different so make sure to watch for specific communication about your guidelines for each day. Some schools will give you shirts, others won’t. Some will even give you photo examples of what girls have worn in the past. Make sure to plan ahead now with the Recruitment Ready featured shop on our website. If you have any questions or want personal help with styling, visit one of our stores. Good luck MOD babes!

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