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The Summer Refresh

The Summer Refresh

Posted by Kayla on Jun 20th 2019

Hey MOD babes! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with home decorating. I mean, with HGTV around, how can you not want to go overboard every time the seasons change?! I’ve had to reel myself in and learn that less is more, especially when you’re decorating on a budget. Here are some of my favorite, budget-friendly tips to refresh your home this summer!

In the living room: What may seem like the most difficult room to decorate, I actually find to be the easiest to refresh! You’ve already got furniture, just liven things up with some accent pillows and a little greenery. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia available at Target has some great greenery accent pieces that won’t break the bank. Faux lavender with a pot for $5.99? YES, PLEASE! (Plus, we all know how obsessed we are with Chip and Joanna Gaines, so I am all about supporting their brand in hopes that one day my home looks like the after photos of Fixer Upper.) Neutral colors are more popular in home décor than ever before, so when it comes to throw pillows opt for basic white and gray, but play with the fabrics, prints and textures! To pull in a little extra summer flair, just add one pillow with a colorful print! It can be easily switched out seasonally and won’t cost more than $20 to change the whole look of the room.

Living Room Decor

Your outdoor space: Let’s be honest folks, your outdoor space is going to get rained on, snowed on, hailed on, and overall just mother natured on. Wasting hundreds of dollars on furniture and decorations just to watch them get blown into your neighbor’s yard, no thank you! Shabby chic is my outlook on the outside. For furniture, Walmart typically has you covered. They have dining tables, outdoor sectionals, and more for rollback ;) prices every day! For tables, take on a little DIY project! Large wooden cable spools can be sanded, stained, and rolled on their side for a rustic tabletop. Grab some planters from your nearest HomeGoods and, trust me, plant perennials that will keep coming back year after year to save you some time and headache! Now your deck or patio is ready for a family BBQ or just enjoying the sunshine curled up with a good book.

outdoor home decor

For the bedroom: A new bedspread will do you wonders! To my husband’s despair, it’s actually my personal favorite thing to switch up in the house. We are running out of space to store them and it’s driving him crazy, haha! You can find some cute and budget friendly options at Target, but if you’re feeling ready to splurge, Lucky Brand has some BEAUTIFUL sets available online. In the summer opt for a set that’s lightweight and light in color to keep the room feeling fresh. You can even try a quilt; I promise they don’t all look like the one your grandma keeps at the house! If you’re really feeling like a change and ready to take on a little DIY, try adding an accent wall behind the bed. You can add a splash of color with paint, or go rustic with some shiplap. Either way, keep your bedroom furniture in mind so you don’t clash. When it comes to home decorating, it doesn’t have to match, it just has to “go.”

Bed room Decor

I hope after reading this, you’re feeling inspired! Overall, I think the best advice anyone can receive when it comes to decorating the home is not to overthink it. A simple change can revive a space, you don’t always have to take on a big project. Just take some deep breaths, don’t get overwhelmed, and have some fun refreshing your favorite spaces this summer!

Xoxo, Kayla