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Shape Up or Ship Out

Shape Up or Ship Out

Posted by Rachel on May 7th 2019

I've always been the kind of girl who enjoys an active lifestyle. Sitting still for long periods has never been my forte; on-the-go is much more my style. However between a full-time job, a six-month old, and just keeping up with life, my me-time is few and far between these days. When I do actually find time to myself, you can bet your bottom I do not want to go spend an hour of my day being stared at and judged by over-eager gym-goers, wanting to rip my hair out from boredom, guessing how those crazy metal do-dads are to be used, and pretending like I know what I'm doing. This shame and embarrassment has fueled me to create more fun ways of staying interested and staying active.

If you're searching for new and fun ways, too, check out my list!

1. Rock Climbing at Upper Limits - $18 day pass

Rock Climbing at Upper Limits

Bored with your at-home workouts and need to spice things up? Throw in a session at Upper Limits every once and a while! Conquer your fear of heights and defy gravity by clambering up and down these studded walls. If you're new to rock climbing, sign up for their Basics classes to learn everything you need to enjoy this break from your daily exercises!

2. PureBarre - $25/session or $100/month unlimited

Pure Barre Ladue

I personally did PureBarre about a year ago for two months, and I can honestly say that I have never felt so in-tune with my body and have also never seen my body shake so much. It includes 45-50 minute long classes in a room featuring a ballet bar along all the walls. Each class is friendly for newbies as the instructor leading the class performs the exercises alongside you so you always know what's going on and they give individual help if needed. The main exercises include all-over body workouts that isolate certain muscle groups individually with the assistance of elastic bands, dumbells, and ankle weights. The classes are great for modifying exercises to your speed in case you're not quite in shape yet.

3. Jillian Michaels Six-Week Six Pack - $8.47 for DVD

Jillian Michaels Program

My boss, Samantha loves working out in the comfort of her own home. She doesn't care what she looks like and doesn't have to worry about driving anywhere. She is always raving about all of her Jillian Michaels products, but especially the Six-Week Six Pack edition. The program is six weeks long so it does keep you entertained for quite some time and you learn the exercises fairly quickly. Samantha says she's even able to keep her headphones in for her power hour music and just watch the screen for Jillian's lead.

4. Kayaking on Creve Coeur Lake - $12/first hour + $5 for each additional hour


Spring is here, ladies, and that means more time on the waterfront! A short trip to Creve Coeur Lake has your day full of many activities, but our favorite is kayaking! Kayaks are conveniently rented out for use and there typically isn't an issue with availability. Navigate the coves and marshes of the lake and explore the wildlife it has to offer. It's also great for people-watching. ;)

5. St. Louis Aerial Collective - $22-$32/fitness class

Silky Rope Workouts

These classes are all the rage now, I know you've seen them...those popular silky rope workouts. The ropes hang from the ceiling scattered around the room which you use to swirl, twirl, stretch, and work your body. A common activity for bachelorette parties--everyone is raving about them! Work against your body weight to strengthen and tone as a full body workout.