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Boy, why YOU so obsessed with me?

Boy, why YOU so obsessed with me?

Posted by Rachel & Samantha on Feb 8th 2019

This week Samantha and I decided we set our priorities aside and demanded of each other to find a few hours (…a day) to binge-watch the latest and greatest Netflix creation You. Now that our 3-day roller coaster of emotions has come to a close, we have a few things to get off our chest about the show. For those of you readers unfamiliar with the gripping series, we strongly recommend you immediately stop reading this, log onto your friend or family member’s Netflix account that you have secretly latched onto for years, and press the play button on it first. We promise you will be captivated from the first episode.

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Some immediate thoughts we both shared included HELLO Dan Humphrey...this is weird…that was creepy…and Yes, Netflix, I’m still watching! The show intrigued us with each episodes’ unique and unexpected twists, leaving us viewers yearning to know what happens next. Without spoiling things, the drama includes a young bookkeeper who develops strong feelings for an aspiring young writer in the bustles of New York City after she visits his store. He creepily finds out who she is, where she lives, her whereabouts, things of her past, and basically everything about the kind of person she is. He constructs ways to conveniently maneuver his psychotic and twisted self into her life, and we painfully watch as his obsession spirals out of control in front of us.

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Ultimately we concluded it was an enthralling show with continual attention-grabbing complexities. We also found it to be a blend of some other well-known shows like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars (which we also strongly recommend). An obvious similarity to Gossip Girl being the actor Penn Badgely being a main character in both. Even his performance and character personalities we found to be comparable. In You he becomes strangely fixated on the author Guinevere Beck, likewise in Gossip Girl we find him obsessing over the iconic Serena van der Woodsen. Both literary-inspired shows are staged in New York City and modern technologies like cell phones, text messaging, and social media play heavily into the storylines. The overwhelming eerie and uncomfortable feelings we experienced reminded us of Pretty Little Liars. Shay Mitchell is also featured in both shows exemplifying best friend status.

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After the last episode, we were having all the feels, and we had to pour out every single thought to each other. So, this Joe Goldberg character. I would like to preface this, and I hope we’re not the only ones here, and say that we REALLY struggled with not calling him Dan Humphrey. I mean he was just so infamous, how could we not?! Anyways, Joe was clearly creepy and weird, but we had an inner struggle with also relating to him. He favored his neighbor’s son Paco and appeared to have a relatively normal relationship (sandwiched in between his time with Beck) with Karen. Which leads me to my next point about psycho Joe: why did he have such a normal relationship with Karen but was so obsessive with Beck? He was even just your average Joe (see what I did there) in the bookstore! How can one person be so run-of-the-mill and evil at the same time? Mind-blowing.

After watching the trending show, I naturally began seeing it everywhere (why does that happen? Once you see something, you suddenly start to see it all over…). I noticed how people had taken to social media, and there seemed to be a large Beck fandom. One question: HOW?! Her personality--terrible. Her morals--terrible. Her taste in men--terrible. The girl had some major dad issues leading to her…friendliness…with many men in her life (ie. therapist, Benji, bartender, etc.). Overall we did not care for her, but certainly did not think she deserved having to deal with Joe’s wrath. Sidenote, we also suggest everyone invest in curtains if you have not already done so.

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Now I promise you we didn’t hate the show, on the contrary, like I said, we were addicted! Samantha especially took to Ethan, Joe’s bookstore associate. “He was weirdly hilarious, and he was a great touch to lighten up the show.” His mentions of Pitbull and veganism helped us keep up with the times and show how out-of-touch Joe really was. She especially liked that feelings were sparked between him and Blythe, Beck’s classmate. I also especially took to Peach, her man-hate (more so what I would call Joe-hate) was entertaining. I think she more or less just felt threatened by Joe’s obsession, because it was getting in the way of her own obsession! There’s only room for one Beck-obsessor up in here!

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Season 2, we are going to need you to be released ASAP. We just have so many questions! How didn’t Candace die? Did Joe think know she had been alive that whole time did he just photoshop pictures in Europe and make another account for her to show Beck? Why isn’t Candace scared of him? What’s the deal with Mr. Mooney? Did he actually have a stroke or did Joe play a part in his current state? Samantha and I need answers.