Solid-Colored Dresses Collection

Effortless, Solid-Colored Dresses

Stop the show at any festive event, wedding, or birthday party when you create an effortless look using our solid-colored dresses! Make your outfit truly one-of-a-kind by dressing it up or down with your favorite accessories and shoes. No matter how you choose to wear your solid dresses, just remember to have fun with your styling to take these one-piece beauties to the next level.

Make It Functional or Add Accessories

While our dresses stand out on their own, we definitely love helping our #modbabes complete their outfits.

For example, add trendy functionality to your solid-colored dress by pairing it with one of our cute handbags. You’ll have somewhere safe to store your sunglasses, phone, lip gloss, or anything else that you need as you shop or run errands.

Show off your personality, and your true style, by pairing your solid dress with jewelry that matches your aesthetic. This is an effortless way to transform your dress from day to night!

Unique Pieces for Every Occasion

At MOD ON TREND, we have unique pieces for every occasion! Head out for a night on the town in a cute, short dress in this season’s most popular color. We hand-select every piece to ensure quality, so you can enjoy your outing without worry.

Enjoy good food and great company while wearing a boutique maxi dress to brunch. Add heels to really show off the long, flowy design. With a cute maxi in your closet, you’ll always have something perfect to wear!

No matter where you’re heading, we’ll make sure you always look and feel your best! Whether you like to wear solid-colored dresses, prints, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Check out our new arrivals now!