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What's Trending for 2019

What's Trending for 2019

Posted by Skyler on Jan 11th 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

With the new year comes new trends, and we are here to tell you what is IN this year. In 2019 there a lot of repeat styles and trends that are sticking around for another year. With that being said, the '80s and '90s vibes have continued to show in the colors and specific style elements of clothing like denim skirts and shoulder pads. There are also trends like plaid jackets and menswear statement pieces becoming popular for women. Other styles that are bold are feathers, real and faux leather, and mini dresses that can be made casual with sneakers for street-wear or dressed up for a night out. New trends include futuristic bold looks, vacation vibes, and the ultimate boss babe attire. Here are the top 5 trends that you will see this year so make sure to jump on them to stay stylish.

Fashion Forecast of 2019

Looking into the Future

Technology and fashion are merging to create a bold look this year. With metallic materials, bold graphics, and loud patterns and colors we are seeing futuristic trends come alive. Art and technology combine to create a cutting edge style for statement pieces year round. 

This outfit showcases a bold, neon green shirt contrasting with faux leather pants giving off a edgy tech vibe.

.Neon Green Shirt with Faux Leather Pants

Picture Perfect Vacation Vibes

Whether you are lying under a palm tree or just going out for dinner with the girls, beachwear trends are rising in popularity. Resort fashion is becoming a versatile look in 2019. Not only can you wear it to the beach, you can also mix these pieces in your everyday style. This is the year for flowy, fun-colored dresses to give you that vacation vibe all year long. 

Take your favorite two-piece suit, pair it with some flare denim and a jacket, and hit the streets in style.

.Two-Piece Suit

Boss Babe

Every year brings more boss babes reaching for greater accomplishments and 2019 is no different. A continuous style from 2018 is menswear for women. Blazers make great closet staples for work and for play. To rock this style, wear a plaid jacket with jeans and a messy bun. For a professional look, pair with some sleek trousers. This boss babe look can work for anyone that has the confident attitude to match their jacket.

This navy blue blazer paired with some ankle-length dress pants gives us all the boss babe feels.Throw a graphic tee underneath and your favorite sunglasses, and you're ready to conquer the day!

Navy Blue Blazer

Light as a Feather

The feather trend is taking flight this new year. Layering feathers will give depth of detail to your everyday outfits. In accessories like earrings, feathers will add the perfect pop of fun. 

This dark pink feather jacket is a great statement piece for any wardrobe. Easily pair it with a simple dress or make it casual with some high-waisted, washed jeans and a tee.

Dark Pink Feather Jacket

The Oversized Look

Sweaters and jackets are a comfy way to stay warm and cozy during the winter months while staying fashion forward. Stay trendy by layering your look with an oversized jacket or a bulky knit sweater. It's easy to take these pieces and mix it up to create new and fresh looks everyday. 

Below is an example of an oversized but practical sweater to keep your wardrobe looking chic.

Oversized Look - Sweater