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Throw It In the Bag

Throw It In the Bag

Posted by Rachel on Jul 12th 2019

Handbags are incredibly personal, and I would even go as far to say that are a fairly good representation of their owner. I must preface this by saying I'm just your average girl, I'm into practicality while still trying to be cute, and I would say the same goes for any bag I carry. As instructed by my girl  Stassi Schroeder, I embrace my basic-ness and sport a Kate Spade bag on the day-to-day. It's large and in charge and great for carrying around anything I may need for the day, and is not normally kept very tidy. I'm not joking, people, everything gets tossed in this bad boy from receipts to wardrobe fixes. You name it, it's probably already sat in my purse for an extended period of time. 

Kate Spade Bag

First thing's first: my wallet. Which actually isn't even a wallet. My sensible self carries around a small purse inside my tote every day. It is sized just to carry all my cards, money, chapstick, and keys, and acts as my wallet. Forget changing purses for nights out, just whip out my smaller bag, and it's all ready to go for me! Normally I keep it as a neutral colored bag so it's easily paired with any outfit I have, but right now I have a cute rose-colored one and it still works just as well!

Another must-have in my purse is my chapstick. I am obsessed with my EOS lip balm; I religiously put it on every morning especially in the wintertime. (Fun fact: it's hypoallergenic and organic!) When my worst nightmare comes true and I *gasp* RUN OUT OF CHAPSTICK, I also keep Vaseline steady on the back-burner to ease my worrisome self.

Lip Balm

I like having options, and this is applicable to my sunglasses as well. I'm an avid fan of all of my Quay sunnies. But right now I'm bouncing between my  Walk On pair and the Jezabell. Not all sunglasses are perfect for any occasion, but these two cover most of my bases! The Walk Ons are polarized so they block glares, have UV protection, and improve clarity, perfect for wearing outside. The Jezabells are the ideal gold and black combo, making them my go-to summer sunnies!

I have some other necessities that never leave my purse: Bobby pins, hair ties, and gold hoops. I cannot tell you how many times I have given out spare hair ties and bobby pins, you would be appalled. But again, I like that feeling of being prepared! Judging by the number of bobby pins I've lost in my lifetime, one would think I'm just forgetful and lose everything (sidenote: I am and I do) but emergencies happen! AND LADIES, if you don't have a go-to pair of gold hoops, it is time to invest. There are few occasions where they don't work. But when in doubt, throw on a pair of these to elevate your look!

Gold Hoops

Now it's time for the absolutely most mismatched and random things you can find in my black hole of a bag. Today's stellar finds include a screwdriver, Bath & Body Works  Scentportables, and an assortment of binkies and bows. I hate to share this, but I think the screwdriver has been in my purse for almost 6 months now. I borrowed it from my parents for some reason that now escapes me, because I for whatever reason have not reached the level of adulting where I own my own screwdriver and still have to take my parents'. But hey, it could still come in handy before the day comes that I decide to take it out! I'm even more embarrassed to share that the Scentportables have been in my purse for a solid year, BUT for good reason! The scents include Pumpkin Apple and "Tis the Season, very fall/winter scents. I just can't bring myself to have my car smelling like pumpkins and pine trees in the dead heat of summer, so I guess we'll be putting fthat one off for a few more months. And lastly the binkies and bows...For those who are unaware I'm a mom to the, very objectively speaking, cutest 8 month old baby girl. We cannot make it though a few hours without a binky, that thing is her lifeline. This has since caused me to tote an extra around with me everywhere I go just in case. And bows are always there for those emergency accessorizing situations! How hard life is when you're a baby!

Cotton Candy Bow Girls

Even just writing this makes me feel like I'm exposing a diary entry to the world, but what are blogs for!? What kinds of things do you have in your handbag?!