Squad Ghouls: DIY Halloween Costumes

Squad Ghouls: DIY Halloween Costumes

Posted by Holly Laramie on Oct 18th 2019

Spooking season is upon us! Haunted houses, hay rides, pumpkin picking, and colder weather! October is in full swing and that means Halloween is right around the corner. The question that’s on everyone’s mind: What am I going to be for Halloween? There are so many different options when it comes to costumes. You can buy a brand new one, shop at thrift stores, DIY it, etc. I think some of the best costumes are made at home with the clothes and accessories that you already have. But of course it’s also fun to go shop for new and exciting outfits! So if you still don’t know what you’re going to be for Halloween this year, don’t fret! I am here to help! Here’s the inside scoop of five cute, easy, and DIY Halloween costumes that you can make with everyday clothes and accessories.

Costume #1: Sandy from Grease

This costume is so simple, yet fun and sassy. All you need is black skinny jeans or leggings, a black belt, and a dressy black top. You can accessorize the outfit with red heals (or any red or black sho

es), a black jean jacket, and hoop earrings. Just curl your hair, add some eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick, and you’re set! Sandy never looked so good! Plus, if you have that special someone, put some black clothes on him and now you two are the cutest couple from Rydell High!

Costume #2: Army Girl

This costume can go in many different directions. You could go all out and wear everything camoshoes/combat boots, top, bottoms, hat or bandana, etc. You could mix and match camo clothing with black and/or dark green/olive colored clothing. You could find a camo dress to make it more feminine. If you’re going for a tougher look, add some black markings under your eyes, and accessorize your outfit with a dog tag necklace. No matter what vibe you’re going for, salute your comrades and shout “Yes, sir!”

Costume #3: Rosie the Riveter

This costume shouts feminism and women empowerment! It’s so simple yet so bold. All you need is jeans, a denim top, a red bandana, and red or black shoes (any color shoes, really). If you don’t have a denim top, you can also wear a denim jacket with a black top. Just roll up your sleeves, put your hair up, and show ‘em what you’re made of!

Costume #4: Minnie Mouse

Who doesn’t love Disney, right? Minnie Mouse is so cute and creative. Anyone can pull off this costume in many different ways. All you need is the colors red, black, yellow, and white. You can wear a red skirt with a black top, or a black skirt with a red top. You could wear a red romper with a black or white jacket. Add some black leggings or tights to keep you warm in this fall weather. You can accessorize your outfit with some eyeliner, mascara, a black nose, and some black ears and/or a red bow in your hair. You can even jazz it up with some white gloves! For your sho

es, grab some yellow (or black or red) heals. Just see what you have and play around with it! Plus, if you have that special someone, Minnie Mouse loves to be accompanied by Mickey Mouse!

Costume #5: Cheetah, Leopard, Snake, Cat…


Let your imagination run WILD when deciding what animal you will be. An adorable and easy option is a cheetah or leopard. All you need is the trending and popular animal print clothes: tops, bottoms, dressesshoesouterwear, and accessories. Mix and match these cheetah print items to create a whole outfit or with black clothes. Spice it up with some black ears, a tail, and black and gold face makeup (nose, whiskers, spots, etc.). Be creative and go all out (or not), no matter what though, have a fun and purrrrrrrrrffect Halloween!

Not only will you have these fun and creative Halloween costumes, you will have cute and trendy clothes that you can wear on all other days! One place to shop for all of these cute costumes (and trendy everyday clothes), is MOD on Trend (of course)! Below is a list of specific items that will help you create these amazing costumes!