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Samantha Swears By: Fashion Sneakers

Samantha Swears By: Fashion Sneakers

Posted by Samantha Moeller on Jul 2nd 2019

The saying, "A woman can never have too many shoes" is without a doubt one of the most accurate phrases I've ever heard. There are just so many shoe styles and so many occasions to wear them for that it is almost impossible not to acquire quite a collection year after year. Out of all the shoes out there though, I have to admit, I do have some favorites. Yup, you guessed it. They're all sneakers! Fashion sneakers probably make up about 50% of the shoes that I have in my closet right now and I wear them about 90% of the time. I'm not sure what day sneakers became socially acceptable to wear with most outfits, but it was honestly the best day of my life! Don't get me wrong, I love rocking a fabulous heel for a night out or a seasonal espadrille on vacation, but nothing is better than my go-to sneakers. I've rounded up my favorite fashion sneaker styles below with shop-able links and insight on how I incorporate them into my everyday style!  

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

The All Star is like the Godfather of fashion sneakers. The O.G. if you will. You literally can never go wrong when you wear this shoe ... I promise. It is the perfect combination of effortless simplicity and sporty flare. It is a classic grab 'n' go sneaker style. For me, my style is anchored by casual closet staples like denim (Like A LOT of denim ... jeans, jackets, shorts, dresses. You name it, I've got it.) and graphic tees, so pairing my All Star sneakers with those pieces is a no brainer. I also find myself wearing these sneakers a lot to sporting events like St. Louis Blues hockey games. LGB!! On the flip side, I do also reach for these when I throw on basic knit dresses in the Spring and Summer months. It keeps with the casual feel of things while adding that extra bit of all day comfort.  

Keds Women's Triple Kick

Keds Women's Triple Kick

I came across this sneaker style not too long ago when I was on one of my daily online shopping binges. I have always been a fan of the classic Keds sneaker (whether that was sparked from Baby in Dirty Dancing or Taylor Swifts' Red album days, we'll probably never know). But I am really loving this new platform style which is kind of surprising since I am not that into big platform sneakers. Platforms have recently become super popular within the past year, so I thought why not see what all the fuss is about?! I feel like the Triple Kick is a less intimidating version of other fashion forward platform sneakers that I have been seeing on the market, which is why I like them so much! They have a very clean, easy-going look and a really comfortable fit. Thankfully the platform doesn't scare me as much as it used to, and I like that it adds a little umph to my outfits.

Adidas Superstar Sneakers

Adidas Women's Original Superstar Shoes

I'm pretty sure that I came late to the Superstar party but better late than never right?! I got hooked on this sneaker style last year when it constantly showed up on my Pinterest feed. Almost all the outfit inspo that I looked at had Adidas Superstars in them so I finally just gave in and asked for them for Christmas and y'all... Santa delivered. I wore my Superstars almost every other day through the rest of winter. They have a very sleek, athleisure look to them so I wore them most with black jeans or leggings and over sized, neutral knit tops and sweaters. I'm pretty sure they also have memory foam soles...honestly, like clouds on your feet. I have also worn these with a t-shirt dress and a denim jacket tied around my waist. These sneakers are a must!

Superga Cuto Classic Sneaker

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic White

The newest sneakers to my closet collection are Supergas! I honestly had never heard of this brand until I was told that we would be offering them at MOD so I was definitely curious to try them out. We of course got in the platform style first but, as previously mentioned, platforms scared me just a few months ago so I didn't even try them on when they came in. The fashion gods knew better though and soon after we got the platforms in I saw an ad on Instagram for Supergas featuring their classic style sneaker and, oh my goodness, I was so excited! These are way more "me"! I ordered the classic style online, and it was the best decision ever. I could wear this sneaker all day, every day. I have not come across an outfit in my closet that I wouldn't wear these shoes with. Practically perfect in every way!

Superga Platform Sneaker

Superga 2790 ACOTW White

At this point, y'all are probably surprised that these even made the list. But that's right, I did it. I took a leap of faith and bought the Superga platforms! After wearing my classic style sneakers for about 4 months, I wanted to take my style to the next level, literally. I thought going big for the Summer months would be so much fun for my style. And, when you think about, they are really not that far outside my comfort zone. I mean, they're still just a plain, white sneaker! For this specific style, I have worn them most with more casual, street wear looks. I love wearing them with shorts and mini skirts because they make my legs look long and fabulous!