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New Year's Goals: 2019

New Year's Goals: 2019

Posted by Samantha & Rachel on Jan 25th 2019

Happy New Year!! (Yes, we know we're a little late, but better late than never, right?!)

We wanted to kick off the year with an obligatory post about our goals for 2019. Hilariously enough, Rachel and I were just talking about how we never really do the whole "setting goals for the new year" thing but here we are doing what other basic people do. Just to clarify, if everyone jumped off a bridge we would not do it, too, but setting a few goals can't be that bad, right? If we don't stick to them, at least we can say we tried! (If you also struggle with sticking with your goals, a blogger we follow had such a great idea. She is setting one goal for each month of this year so she only has to keep up with it for about four weeks! So easy!)

Happy New Year Glitter

The biggest goal I have for myself this year is to save money. Yeah, yeah . . . so typical. Nevertheless, I love to shop and I definitely need to corral my spending so that I have money to spend on more important purchases. The major culprits of my frivolous spending are the usual suspects: TargetHome Goods, and Bread Co. aka Panera for all you none St. Louisans. My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to first master the art of window shopping (you know, the look but don't touch method) and second, meal prep. Also, I am going to force Rachel to tell me "no" whenever anyone in the office asks if I want to get anything for lunch. I am pretty good at packing my lunch, but as soon as someone mentions ordering out, my sandwich or leftovers suddenly don't sound as good as they did earlier. Saving money and saving calories will be a definite win-win.

Household Monthly Budget

Rachel's main goal for 2019 is to cook 3 dinners each week. This is a pretty lofty goal given that right now she estimates that she cooks maybe once every two weeks and she literally wants to make these meals from scratch . . . with fresh ingredients. Total big girl move. We're both a little skeptical, but she says so far so good! Rachel is also jumping on the budget bandwagon. More specifically, she says she wants to create a consistent monthly budget and stick to it. According to her, she is pretty good with money. Her husband, on the other hand, maybe not so much. She is hoping that a budget will get them on the same page and allow them to start saving instead of spending with the exception of splurging on adorable outfits for their beautiful baby girl, Dillon!

Cooking Woman

A few of my other goals for this year include: adopting a rescue dog, taking a vacation, and spending more time outdoors. If you don't know me, you might think that the taking a vacation goal is kind of silly considering most people normally take a vacation/trip at least once or twice a year anyway. Well, not me. I'm just your average workaholic who finds taking a vacation more stressful than being at the office for 40 hours a week. The idea of lying on a beach seems wonderful as long as I can have my laptop and access to good internet so we will see what I can come up with this year. 

Dog Adoption

Rachel's other goals include: fully furnishing her house, reading at least one book each month, and traveling somewhere she has never been. You would think that, out of those three things, Rachel would want to accomplished the fun traveling goal first . . . but no. Rachel is determined to get her home furnished by the end of this year. She says that her home feels more like a bachelor pad with mismatched furniture and no real identifying design point of view, or at least not one that represents her style. The first things to go are her old, over-sized couches and fraternity house looking furniture. Rachel aims to incorporate modern home design with an authentic family feel for a cute and cozy home life. I recommended that she run to the store and pick up Homebody by Joanna Gaines. I got this book for Christmas, even though I don't own a home...I just love home design. This could help her with design inspiration and direction!