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Face-Off: Modern Hairstyles to Complement Your Face Shape

Face-Off: Modern Hairstyles to Complement Your Face Shape

Posted by Kayla on May 28th 2019

As a former hairdresser, I could go on and on about the ridiculous things clients would ask me,but the most common thing people would ask is quite simply, “what do you think would loogood?” It’s 2019 people, how is there not an easier guide for this?! I’m here to tell you that getting Jennifer Anniston’s highlights will not make you look like her (sorry to burst your bubble), but there is some kind of formula to making sure your hair is complementing YOU, even if that means not looking like your favorite celebrity.

We’re going to get the hardest part out of the way first, figuring out your face shape. Just like

knowing the curves on your body is important to your clothing choices, knowing what shape

your face is can be equally important when trying out a new haircut, color, or style. Your face

shape will generally fit into one of these six categories: oval, square, rectangle (oblong),

diamond, heart, and round.

Face Shapes

Oval face shape: Congratulations, girl, you’ve got the most perfectly balanced face! The

distance from the top of your forehead to the bridge of your nose, the bridge of your nose to the

top of your lips, and the top of your lips to the bottom of your chin are all the same length. Since

your face is so well balanced, you can go crazy with different hairstyles and colors, they’re all

going to be equally flattering. Lucky you!

Blake Ellender Lively

Square face shape: The key to determining if you have a square face shape is the jawline. With

a square face shape, your forehead, cheekbones and jaw will be the same width, but your jaw

will have sharp angles rather than rounded corners. When looking for a new hairstyle, I suggest

loose waves to counteract the sharp angles of your jaw and avoiding a length cut right at the

jawline as not to accentuate the jaw. Hint: Use a 1-inch barrel curling iron and leave the ends

out when curling for a more natural, tousled look.

Olivia Wilde

Rectangle face shape: Also known as oblong, this face shape is longer than it is wide. The trick

to styling for this shape is lots and lots of layers! This will create volume and interest throughout

the middle of your style, making your face appear wider, and therefore, more balanced. Hint:

Add some balayage (to save you some embarrassment it’s pronounced BAL-AY-AGE not

biolage) to make your layers pop even more!

Kim Kardashian

Diamond face shape: Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, as long as you know what hairstyle to

wear that is! This face shape is thin and narrow with strong, prevalent cheek bones. When it

comes to styling, the trick is to keep the hair full around the forehead and chin! This can be done

with a bob that hits right at the chin or with lots of volume and full waves. Hint: a great way to

get volume at the scalp is with dry shampoo! My tried and true is Kenra Volume Dry Shampoo


Julianne Hough

Heart face shape: A heart shape face is wider at the forehead and then comes down to a point

at the chin. Bangs typically work well for this face shape, whether they are wispy and side swept

or straight across is up to you! Hint: Ombre hair color can be very flattering for this face shape!

The lighter color toward the ends gives the illusion of the hair being fuller at the ends which can

even out a more pointy chin.

Reese Witherspoon

Round face shape: Having a round face means your face is symmetrically as long as it is wide.

This face shape doesn’t have any strong angles or edges. The goal with your hairstyle on a

round face is to elongate the shape. A center part or a lot of volume at the top can help with this.

I’m not suggesting a mullet, just a good root lifter or messy zig zag part can help with volume.

Hint: If you’re looking to go shorter, avoid a haircut that ends right at the jawline and opt for a

short pixie or longer shoulder length bob.

Selena Gomez

Now next time you go into the hairdresser, you’ll be prepared! Lots of layers and loose waves,

please! Hairdressers love to add their own touch to your look, but it helps when you already

know generally what you want (and don’t expect to look like a celebrity that looks totally different

than you).

Xoxo, Kayla