Blogger Feature: Allex Sammuli

Blogger Feature: Allex Sammuli

Hey MOD Squad! I thought I’d introduce myself to you all so that you can get to know me a bit better, put a face behind the blogs you’re reading.

My name is Allex and I started working as a Marketing Assistant here at MOD a few months ago. I worked alongside the lovely Courtney Chapman, Marketing Manager here at MOD’s warehouse. She is now a good friend of mine who loves coffee and wearing the color black just as much as I do. I was hired to help out with creative marketing campaigns to drive sales and increase brand awareness. It was a dream come true working in fashion and marketing surrounded by an amazing and fun group of women, all of whom love to talk about TV shows and trendy new restaurants when they’re not discussing daily operations and business. I had definitely discovered my tribe.

After a few weeks of working for MOD, my insanely smart husband was accepted into the University of Illinois up in Champaign for a masters program. The college is about 4 hours away from St. Louis where MOD’s headquarters are located. So sadly, I had to say goodbye and make the move. I now work remotely as MOD’s Blogging Coordinator where I look for new influencers to collaborate with. I also get to write up a few posts once a week for you amazing people. I love what I do and MOD really gives me the opportunity to express my creativity.

My love affair with fashion began the moment I tried on my first pair of heels from my mom’s fabulous closet. I grew up in a home that appreciated art, style, and beauty. Our coffee table for example, a shrine to the media gods was adorned with the latest issues of Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire. I was a vivacious reader from an early age and spent hours flipping through the glossy pages of each magazine savoring each article and avant garde photo spread. I started developing a unique sense of style which was snuffed out when I started high school and was forced to sport the ugliest school uniform imaginable. I wore khakis and polo shirts every day for four years. These dreary duds were intended to teach us how to dress “professional” in the workplace, which would only make sense if we were to work at a Best Buy or Kinkos. I was not a fan to say the least. As a result, my more rebellious side came out during these years of fashion oppression. I tried to find unique ways to spice up the Jake from State Farm ensemble by adding a printed handkerchief around my neck or a fun pair of earrings. Shoes were something I could play with a bit more so I was pretty adventurous when it came to this department. Looking back, I think I probably looked absolutely ridiculous in my bright yellow polo with a pair of hot pink platform sneakers, but back then I was using fashion to express my unique identity and I thought I looked awesome. I definitely let my fashion freak flag fly and to this day, I am not afraid to take risks when it comes to my style.

Junior year, I became a style columnist for the school newspaper, providing advice on how to rock the Land’s End getup. I’ve always had a passion for writing and this was the start of it all. I developed a strong voice as a writer and knew I wanted to study journalism in college. I got my degree in mass communications specializing in journalism from a small liberal arts college in Illinois and after that I started freelancing for a few local publications in St. Louis as a fashion and lifestyle writer. About a year ago, I worked as a Social Media and PR Manager for a bridal store and decided I wanted to pursue a career in branding and marketing. My job at MOD has allowed me to do just that!

I also keep a personal blog called Marvelous Musings, a virtual diary of sorts where I share my personal style and document cool encounters with people I meet from work. As a result of working for MOD, I’ve been able to meet a few of the most influential bloggers in the St. Louis area and I am so grateful for that! When people think about St. Louis or the Midwest in general, haute couture and fashion culture don’t usually come to mind, but I am amazed at how many creative and stylish people there are in this community and all of whom are willing and eager to collaborate. I have fallen in love with the slightly eccentric and compassionate community in this area of the country. There is also a true entrepreneurial spirit that lives in St. Louis that’s reflected in its small businesses like MOD.

What I love most about working for MOD is the balance you find here between work and play. Everyone is very dedicated to their jobs and bring their A game every single day, but there’s a fun a lively atmosphere present in both warehouse and in each store between coworkers. I think that is so important to have in a company. There is room to grow and endless opportunities to succeed in what you love to do.

Some fun facts:

I’m originally from Southern California, but moved to St. Louis for school and then to Boston with my family. Now I live in Champaign, IL with the love of my life and our Beta fish William Finneus. We hope to add a puppy to our small family soon. I love dogs more than life.

I LOVE Mexican food and have yet to find a good authentic Mexican restaurant in the Midwest. Open to suggestions on where to find some tasty enchiladas.

My favorite fashion trend right now would have to be the twist back sweaters which are available on! I love this style in cream with a pair of distressed denim and some cute booties.

I have a talent for remembering quotes from movies I’ve only seen once. I also like to think I’m pretty good at impressions and accents. At least, that’s what my husband Andrew tells me and he’s British so I’d like to think that makes him a good judge.

Thanks for reading!

Stay fabulous,