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Better When Styled

Better When Styled

Posted by Ashley on Mar 19th 2019

Ever feel like the odds are only ever in your favor when your outfit is on point? Like the universe is thanking you for your fashionista-ness, or out to get you for your “I just rolled out of bed” look. YEAH, US TOO. Everyone's had that “OH SNAP!” moment when they run into someone they weren't prepared to see that day. Especially when they’re looking like a hot mess. Examples include, but are not limited to: an ex, frienemy, or latest crush, who obvi can't see you looking rough. Because let's be honest, those moments are the worst, and we've all been there. If you're anything like us, the statement: “Life's better when I like your outfit” has run through your head at least once or a hundred times. For some reason, our moods are magically lifted when our outfit is looking good. Miraculously, the world just gets better. With that being said we've finally decided to stop trying to fight the universe and pick up some easy styling tricks to put karma on our side. So take some lessons from us and read below to learn how you can still roll out of bed and keep your day going right!


For you ladies who love a relaxed and cozy look we've got the style trick for you! The Front Tuck is our favorite go-to for anything with a loose fit or extra length. It’s the best way to give you some shape while keeping you comfortable. Gather the front fabric at the front hem of your top and lightly tuck it into your jeans behind the zipper. Softly pull at the top of the tuck to give it a more loose feel and flattering fit. The main thing to remember when styling a front tuck is to not overthink it! The best part of this styling trick is the effortless feel it brings, so don't put in more effort than necessary. It will do it all for you! Style it up even more by pairing a belt with your look. Belts are the hottest accessories on the market right now, and you can elevate your entire look with their statement buckles. Once you've got your front tuck goin’ on, your belt can be highlighted even more and pull your whole look together! When it’s as easy as a few belt loops & a tuck, we've got no excuses to not show up style everyday! See below how you can pull off this styling trick!

Front Tuck Style


Life getting a little too cray cray for you? Pull everything together and KNOT IT up! We we love a classic tie knot detail with any everyday basic! It is the easiest way to bring your whole look together! Allowing you to show off your figure and bring more interest to a staple style like a V-Neck top. We love this style trick with anything high-rise! Making it easy to show off your waistline and any other fun details like a belt! This styling tip is so quick and easy! For the perfect tie knot gather the front fabric of your top and pull it to the side. Once there softly twist the fabric and create a knot. After the knot is pulled tight you can softly tug at the material of the shirt around the knot so it is not pulling too much. Remember, there is no wrong way to do this, so give it your best shot and pull your look together!

V-Neck top Dress


If you look in your closets we’re pretty positive almost all of you will see denim for days! It has consistently held a number one spot on the styling bar, and it's obvious why. A denim jacket is the easiest way to complete any look. And all you have to do is throw it on, tie it up, or let it tag along. They fit any style and go with just about anything. Whether you like them fitted and snug or oversized and relaxed, this piece can complete your look. With new distressing techniques and designs this style can become more of a leisure piece if desired. While new cropped cuts keep it girly and flattering for more special occasions. We love this year’s trend of denim paired with summer dresses and platform sneakers. It creates the perfect mix between sweet & chic. The best part about this styling trick is you can always make it your own. Wear it around your waist, carry it in your travel tote to throw on at the airport, or wear it to your next country concert. The possibilities are endless. So we expect the next time your alarm clock doesn't go off and you hit that door running, you have your denim jacket in hand for easy styling!

 Denim Jacket Style

So next time you head out the door make sure your look is styled, and you’re ready for whatever your day’s going to throw your way! You never know when you’re going to run into that certain someone, but with these tips you can know that when you do you'll be looking good! Because we're all better when styled & bad vibes don't match with our outfits!